Super flot anmeldelse af The Flood
som spillede til 4. Thüringer Figurentheater-Fest”
i Lehesten 26-28 juli 2019

Papirteatret Meklenborg (Marie Thodberg & Søren Mortensen)

Inspired by the videos that Peter Gabriel has repeatedly produced to his songs, Claus Bregengaard and Karen Strandgaard have designed a very unique, haunting scenography, with only a few moving elements, but also against a calm background with different, impressive colours, where the few, very abstract figurines could act to the music. Using few means, a depth of the stage area was explored, that offered a platform to the unsettling sounds and words of the songs, which would both intensify and soothe the sensations. Impressive! 
The music newly arranged by the paper theater player Søren Mortensen and played with the musicians of the band UNDERTOWdk and two guest musicians is perfect. He managed to arrange and record Peter Gabriel's songs in such a way that the listener is carried away after only a few seconds and forgets that it is not the original music by Peter Gabriel. Background sounds and voices from the historical events of our world place the individual songs in a new interpretive light. 
The singular voice of the singer Jakob Dahn, powerfully rough and gentle, brought to life the demanding emotionality in every song and thus created a lasting impression. 


However, those who shared my assessment and positive outlook said that they had goose bumps just like me and felt tears flowing with one or the other song. A terrific experience! 

This production has once again shown that the paper theatre holds endless possibilities and one can look forward to the next production with joy.

Gabriele Brunsch

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H.C. Andersens: NAttergalen


Papirets kammerkoncert

På utallige opfordringer nyopsætter Papirteatret Meklenborg NATTERGALEN af H.C. Andersen. Forestillingen har spillet på Svalegangens Dukketeater i 1992 og 2005. Den kendte historie om nattergalen ved den kinesiske kejsers hof omsættes til et stykke kunsthåndværk i papir; en poetisk, dramatisk og musikalsk helhed, som en fin kammerkoncert. Den intensive udtryksform fanger både børn og barnlige sjæle.


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